You were created to live forever – your soul feels it, your mind can’t imagine otherwise, and your body even heals itself when damaged – but the law of death entered the world when our ancestors disobeyed God.

By doing the very things God told us were deadly, we chose to turn against nature and depart from the Source of Life. Now the law of death affects the world and everything in it, including me and you.

But the truth of Jesus Christ provides a way of escape.

The woman who had her death sentence stopped by Jesus, the servant who had his unconquerable debt forgiven by the king, and the crucified criminal that was given access to paradise. As believers, we are these people – death row convicts who were given a pardon by the Supreme Judge. No longer rebels to God but rebels to our old selves and ways of living.

Rebel With a Clause is our experience as followers of Christ: convicts who have overcome the law of death through the most powerful Clause ever written into human history.