“Do You Want to See That He is Risen?”


Three years ago, I had a dream that really helped boost my faith.

I dreamt I was in a house with a long, dim hall full of doors. A man (or an angel – not sure) said to me, “Do you want to see that He is risen?”

Fighting against the urge to let fear stop me, I quickly agreed and walked with him down the hallway. We approached the third door on the left and arrived at the most hideous door you can imagine.

The door looked like something you’d see from a graveyard scene in a horror movie. It was covered in dirt and roots and looked as if it had been rotting for thousands of years. Fear radiated from it. Behind that door was my doom.

It was terrifying, but I tried to ignore the fear because I knew that if Jesus truly rose from the dead then I shouldn’t fear.

The door opened.

As soon as it opened, everything the door made me feel – intense fear, evil, dread, hopelessness, and death – instantly vanished as a peaceful, empty tomb was revealed. The atmosphere shone with a ray of sunshine from a window, revealing the empty burial cloth and bed.

The tranquility and peace were so immense and pure, that it filled me up with power as if it was the Spirit of God Himself. I knew evil, death or the grave had absolutely no more power.

I began running down the hall to proclaim to the world with sheer joy, “He’s alive! He’s alive!” as if for the first time I truly understood what that meant.

After this dream, I better understood the deep emotions that surrounded Jesus’ death and resurrection – especially that of Mary Magdalene who was the first to hear this good news.

Imagine the anguish and despair she felt. Up in the quiet hours of the early morning – deprived of sleep from crying the entire weekend – to prepare spices to place in the tomb of the Hope that was snatched away from her by an unforeseen murder.

The sting of hopelessness would be final as she would go visit His disfigured body in that cold tomb, sealing the gloom she felt. Evil had won once again. Death had won once again. Her people would never inherit their promise. They would never be free.

But upon approaching the gloomy graveyard, something even stranger happened. The morbid sight she expected to find was not there. She found that Jesus’ grave had been robbed. Little did she know that it was Jesus Himself who robbed it.

“Woman, why are you weeping? Who are you seeking?” Jesus asked her.

Can you hear Jesus asking you the same thing?

“Why are you crying? Who are you looking for?” he asks, genuinely confused because He’s standing right in front of you.

Look through the fog of your negative emotions and expectations, and recognize the face of Jesus Christ, who is risen from the dead with ALL power in His possession.

The powers of evil have had their rights revoked.

Sin has no more power. Death has no more power.

You have inherited your promise.

You are free.

Have you ever found yourself looking past Jesus? How did He show up? Comment below.

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6 thoughts on ““Do You Want to See That He is Risen?”

  1. Sin has no power. That’s great. Jesus defeated death for us. The fact that Jesus rose from the grave shows that we shouldn’t have any fear whatsoever, no matter how bleak the outcome looks. If we trust in Him, we will be alright.


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